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Rendering Web Application

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In today’s technological era, most of the poeple are using internet and through internet they are doing many things which can save time and can utilize the same in doing other things. So we had considered the above things and thought to provide a customer which can save their time through web application instead of visiting the Shop or Showrooms.

We had introduced the Web Application system through “2D – 3D Rendering” Application. We had integrated the online rendering system through API and showed through API from 3D to 2D rendering and user can select the product which they liked and then selecting fabrics or material as per their choice and can visualize the actual product on screen and suppose the user didn’t like the fabrics or material or color then they can change it as per their choice.

The main advantage of using the system is that the user can virtually visualize their product and then can give order where as company doesn’t have to put their all different product in display and can manufacture the product as per the customer’s requirement.